Verizon sent me to collections wrongfully and ruined my credit and will not remove it

I had cell service with Verizon for many years and they had my credit card on file to charge all of my bills.  I never had any issues with payments.  I switched carriers this year to get a better deal on a phone.  Everything went smoothly.   I got a call from my lender (buying a house) and she told me I had a collection pop up on my credit report from Verizon for 96.00.  I never got a bill from Verizon and they also had my credit card on file to pay all of my bills.  My lender told me the collection brought my credit score down over 100 points and I no longer qualified to buy the house.  She advised me to call them to figure out what was going on so that I could get it taken care of.  When I called I offered to pay it not even knowing if I actually owned the money or not.  I just said I would pay it if they would remove it from my credit report.  I made it clear it could not show as a paid collection because that would hurt my score even more.  After paying, the representative transferred me to the credit department where the agent was very rude and told me he would not remove it.  I tired to explain the situation to him so he would understand that I either didn’t actually owe the money or they never let me know I had a balance with them.  I also tried to tell him they had my credit card on file and if I owed anything they should have charged it.    He was rude and would not listen and told me he wouldn’t help me even though I paid it.


I need help getting this removed.  Does anyone have a contact email or phone number that can help me?


I want to add that I have never had a collection, I have never even had a late payment on any of my credit cards.  I pay ALL of my bills on time and had I known I had an outstanding bill with them I would have paid it right away just like everything else.

I am a single mom and I am desperately trying to buy a house for my kids and I have a permanent place to live.  This one collection dropped my score over 100 points and until it is removed I cannot buy a house.


All for 96.00!  That I paid and soon as I was told that I owed it.


If anyone knows how I can get help please let me know.  Thank you in advance.

Re: Verizon sent me to collections wrongfully and ruined my credit and will not remove it
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