Verizon system can't honor loyalty renewal offer

Verizon FIOS sent me a renewal offer based on loyalty (23+ years phone, 10+ wirelesss,6+FIOS) of $119/month.  Since then, their reps have been trying to get me that rate.  The reps have been very pleasant and worked hard (even to the extent of hand delivering their request to their supervisor, getting their authorization, and making sure the status of the change order goes to pending on their end) but have all failed.


August 14: received email from Verizon FIOS with 2 year loyalty renewal offer of $119/month.

Aug 14 late night: Chatted with "Jessica", whose supervisor was able to find the email offer, but the lowest they could go was $124/month. Told me to call during help hours. (She spent quite a while writing things up, but as far as I know, no future rep ever bothered to read it).

Aug 15: Called up 9:30am. Eventually rep verified the offer and said he couldn't do anything himself, but wrote up a problem ticket.  Said I would be called within the next week.

Waited a week, no call.

Aug 22; Called up 11:35am. Rep Richie found the problem ticket, read it, and said he could give me the $119 rate.  Great, problem solved!  But he said I needed to start autopay. I figured I had overlooked that in the fine print and agreed. So we set up autopay, he sent me an email link to the new plan ($119 a month plan, $157 total, first month bill $154) and said it would start that day.  I didn't get the change order number; I didn't realize the link would disappear and just refer me to My Verizon. My Verizon explicity says you can see change orders there, but I couldn't find any to do so!

Waited a week, The new bill came out dated 27th.  It was for $171, and said I didn't have a plan!

Aug 30. Called up. Rep Dawn was very friendly. She found the email offer, and found the problem ticket, but didn't find the Richie change order (said she needed the order number). She read the fine print and said I didn't need autopay for it, and worked with her supervisor for a new change order at $119/month.  She made sure the order went through from her end. A bit later I got a confirmation email from Verizon giving all the details (first month bill $124, $157 after that).  Great, problem solved!

For the next 6 days I tried to use My Verizon to verify the plan.  Several dozen attempts, most infinite loop waiting, some "bad gateway",  some html errors, some apologies from Verizon for temporary problems.  I finally got information last night: I indeed had a 2year plan in effect, for $129/month.  What????

To cap it off, I got an email from Verizon last night.  It was a loyalty renewal offer for a 2 year plan, at $119/month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What now?

Re: Verizon system can't honor loyalty renewal offer

Hi CrispyCritter17,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.