Verizon telephone support for my phone
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I have made 7-9 phone calls (don't even remember how many) because my iPhone on verizon service is not receiving or sending texts intermittently.  The VM too is not receiving properly.  I have phone messages sometimes 6 - 7 or more days old that are suddenly appearing.  I went through all the trouble shooting steps, then asked to speak to a senior technician.  This phone is for my medical practice and I need to have it in working order to be able to reach my patients, and for patients to reach me!  

Today, I was disconnected from customer service 4 times.  No one called me back.  I was calling on a phone that is not a problem, so I don't know, but I believe these people may be so busy they are just hanging up on customers.

The problem remains that I need my phone to work properly, so I am at a loss for what to do next.  I have spent the morning on hold, and getting disconnected so that just doesn't work.

The corporate office needs to be aware that this is happening.

Thank you for any response that may help me resolve my phone problems. 


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Re: Verizon telephone support for my phone
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