Verizon was not sure there was fios in my are but proceeded with my order anyway

Okay, I really did not expect to write this but given Verizon's carelessness about this whole situation made me livid and vent here.
About a few months ago I got a mail saying I have fios in my building after long requests of it. So I went ahead and placed an order. After a long process and many trials and tribulations with Verizon customer reps I finally had the technicians come in and try put Fios in my house. Turns out that Verizon had service on the block over so they just expected it would work on my block. Not knowing that my block doesn't have poles in the front of the buildings but rather in the back Verizon did not evaluate this and went ahead and proceeded with my order. The tech did a minor check of the block and said that Verizon would get back with me when the work is done in my building. A month pass and I try to get in contact with them again and try to get service. A tech comes in and says the same thing and that the work could be done but no one knows when it will be done or even if it will be done. The tech actually told me that there has been a lot of issues like this and Verizon reps are just going ahead and fulfilling the orders just to get orders and meet the quota. I am honestly disappointed at Verizon's lack of care. There are potentially 30 clients on my neighborhood and I have been requesting Verizon FiOS service in my area for years but they just don't care. Even the house owner said that Verizon never contacted them to do work there. At this point, Verizon just seems like the crappiest company with little to no attention for their customers. False hope and fake wiring of their network is how they are living these days. I want to know if anyone else had a similar run-in with this issue trying to get FiOS in their house or building but can't get it.