Verizon workers state different stories
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One worker said my contract ended January 9 while another said January 19.  One worker said they don’t do contracts anymore yet others said they do.  We are signed up for contract without our knowledge as bill increases.  Returning cable box only increases cost of other cable boxes I have.  As a single mom disabled bankrupt sick dying of diseases I am forced to either drop FiOS or can’t make payments.  You used to offer for poor people basic cable but no more and why in 2020 can’t I’ll choose what channels I want.  Verizon forces people to leave by backing you into these corners for profit.  All workers should state the same rules but they tell people whatever will make them the most profit.   When my diseases kill me I’m going to heaven where so many down here will never have that chance with evil profit greed abuse of power ego self-preservation Ways.