Verizon, you just continue to disappoint me...and no, I'm not alone.

Verizon's price gouging is terrible, and Smart Rewards is right on its tail.  I prefer to be a part of a rewards program that doesn't continue to nickel and dime me to death.  Reward programs are supposed to actually REWARD the customer, not cost them more money.  After searching the gift cards inventory and adding one to my cart, you're actually going to charge me 59 cents shipping for a gift card?  Really?  After I've spent thousands of dollars to accumulate these rewards?  Think again. 

Verizon is too expensive as it is.  You have increased your upgrade fee from $20 to $30, eliminated 2-year contracts (or finally made it public that you have), and have redesigned your plans so that services reach the hundreds of dollars, even for the most BASIC of benefits.  And these plans and services aren't even working as they are supposed to, as I've contacted Customer Support 3 times for the same issue in the last 2 months, following issues with the rollout of your new On Demand platform.  Complete Fail. 

If there was any other viable option out there, I'd jump companies in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, after 23 years with Verizon, I've backed myself into a corner and starting over would be an overwhelming inconvenience.  Additionally, Verizon has cornered the market on cell phone/internet/cable service (similar to Microsoft monopolizing technology packages for computers). 

I'm disappointed in Verizon, the treatment of its customers, and the price hikes that we're forced to endure for even a minimally effective service package.  This Rewards program is just another kick in the teeth to every one of your "valued" customers.

Thanks Verizon.  Thanks for nothing.