Very frustrated...Is there an e-mail to use for issues relating to equipment return?

Hi, we recently moved to an area where Verizon Fios is not available (December 2015).  We cancelled the service, and the agent said they were sending a box to our old address so that we could return our tv and internet equipment.  No problem as we still own the old house and are picking up any unforwarded/not yet updated mail there as needed.  However, the box never showed up.  Called again and was told again that a box would be sent never arrived.  

Mid January we receive an urgent letter telling us we can be charged for unreturned equipment, so we call a THIRD time and ask that the box be mailed to us.  They tell us they will send us a box to our new address this time, so we wait a box shows up.  We are worried because we do not want an unncessary charge, so we call a fourth time.  Again, they tell us a box is coming to our new address.  We are now into February...and that box (which they always say will arrive in 3-5 business days) never shows up .  So we call two days ago for the FIFTH time, and they tell us a box will be sent out.  We ask which carrier will be delivering the box (UPS) and for a tracking number, and they tell us they cannot provide us with a tracking number.  I have no idea what is going on, but it seems crazy that they can send out the urgent letter, but not get us the necessary box and label to return the equipment.

It is still too early to tell whether fifth time will be the charm (should be here by the 17th at the latest), but at this point i am getting nervous and really want a paper trail to prove all the times we have contacted Verizon about this issue.  I would love to have an email address so i can get this paper trail.  I cannot find anything except a virtual agent?  Not good enough.  Ive also explored returning the equipment in person, but none of the local offices handle that?  Any suggestions and/or an email address i can use? Or even an address where i can box up and mail the equipment myself, lol?  I am so done with this.

Re: Very frustrated...Is there an e-mail to use for issues relating to equipment return?
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There is no email, unfortunately. Please let us know if the box does not come on the 17.