Wait time

Verison knows as soon as they see me calling that the queue is ten plus minutes.  Having me waste 2.5 minutes on their automated voicemail system, seven to ten minutes waiting for them to call me back, and then another minute and a half while they verify that I answered my own mobile phone DOES NOT improve my experience.  I can get this experience from Comcast (as I have at my other house.)

FWIW:  The support tech was excellent when I finally had him on the phone.  With a little thought, I think the script could be reorganized to something like:

"Hello, before we start, there is a high volume of calls.  Should I call you back when we are ready, or can I try and fix your problem with some commen trouble shooting steps?  You won't lose your place in line either way."

I think it accomplishes the same thing in terms of efficiency for the Verizon techs.  If you've already tried the faqs, you will just take your place in line and accept the call back.  But if you haven't tried anything, you are likely to let the automated system give it a go.  Either way, the frustration level will be lower.

Just a thought.

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