Was promised Rewards from Wireless would be transferrable to FIOS

I am a brand new FIOS Customer.  I have been a wireless Verizon customer for many years.  When I was shopping for cable and internet for my new home, I was told many times but several different Verizon reps that my 300,000 wireless points could be used for years to come to order movies on my new FIOS account at my new home.  So, I struck a deal, got the bundle and now have Verizon Internet/phone/cable at my new home and I only have 200 Rewards points on my FIOS account at home. 

I called customer service and spoke with someone who said, "oh no, ma'am... those you can't transfer...cuz that's a separate account."  I explained that I was told several times I would be able to use the Rewards points from Wireless to Fios.  All she kept saying was, "no ma'am, that is incorrect."

I feel duped and lied to and now I want to cancel it all and go with Comcast - don't care if their internet is slower.  I am furious. 

Re: Was promised Rewards from Wireless would be transferrable to FIOS
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Its a shame you were told that.

Wireless points accumlate much faster than they do on FIOS.
And as customer service told you, they are two seperate entities.

Who told you they would transfer? Did you call customer service to order and they said they would, door to door salesman, other?

BTW, this is a peer to peer support forum, so all we can do is offer advice.