Water Leak caused by company contracted by Verizon

Recently had to have a new water service installed due to damaged caused by NXT Telecommunications (Washington). NXT was contracted back in August 2021 to install Fios internet on my side of the sidewalk. Fast forward to October when I received by quarterly water bill that was absurd. 

I reached out to PWB (Portland Water Bureau) and they confirmed that there was a leak at the sidewalk/driveway. I reached out to NXT and let them know of my concern. They continued to deny and dismiss my claim that they had caused (indirectly or directly) the leak due to their bore and/or jack hammer work. 

Basically, I was told that it was just a coincidence that they had done work and then a massive water leak occurred on my water line. Due to the water leak getting worse and worse as time went on, I was forced to get the leak repaired and foot the bill. I ended up having a new water service installed and the leak is now repaired. 

Has anyone had an experience like this or have any advice? Feels really crappy that my family is monetarily being punished due to this work being done (I did not ask for this work to be done) and it being labeled as a coincidence. 

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Re: Water Leak caused by company contracted by Verizon
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Hi mslinde,

Frontier Communications acquired all broadband and wireline services from Verizon in Oregon in 2009.  Verizon no longer provides Fios or landline telephone service in Oregon.  Please contact Frontier Communications for assistance with your issue.