Website Lying to Customers then changing there plan

So my bill was going to go up at the end of this month, June 2018, and I went to cancel my internet and go with Xfinity.  Well after I cancelled my account I get an email from Verizon below....

The plan was to keep my current rate of $39.99 per month for 50/50 mpbs internet and get on a 2 year contract.  So stupidly I beleived Verizon and went through the process and signed up for the new plan on June 25th.  The last page said a confirmation email was going to be sent to my email address.  I then got an email shortly after stating...

 I waited a day, June 26th,  for the promised confirmation email and didn't get it of course and my account was only updated showing I had reactivated it, but the plan did not change.  Shockingly they did not put in the plan or the price in this mysterious email.  Yes I went through the full process to take advantage of the special offer.  I did not miss a confirm button or anything that would necessitate this email.  I tried to click on the "return to cart" and of course the price had cahnged to $64.99 per month for a 2 year contract.  So I got on the website and went to the chat option for "contact us" and spoke to an agent with only a first name, of course so you can't track them down for obvious reasons, named Paula.  I had a 40 minute conversation with her about what had transpired and she was able to pull up the cart and, so she said, put me in the promised plan.  At the end she said I would get a confirmation email and confirmed my email address.  Guess what never happened?  I never received an email and my account did not get updated, but they had reactivated the account still.  So today I called an actual agent to see what was going on and of course they had no idea what I was talking about and couldn't offer the plan because it was only for new customers.  Well then the first email is a lie because they said, and I quote "We'd like to ask you for another chance to make things right. Please call before Jul 04, 2018 to take advantage of a unique offer available only to you.  Another lie by Verizon.  They really wanted one more chance to waste my time.  Absolutely amazing.  So the Agent of course keeps me on the phone for 20 minutes checking around and "working" to see what happened.  Can you guess what happened?  Nothing.  She said she can't do anything for me, so I asked to speak to a supervisor.  Of course the supervisor was on the other line and couldn't talk to me, but would call me back in 15-30 minutes.  It has been almost an hour....  I tried to get a callback number or anything and the agent refused... because she had no intention of the "supervisor" calling me back.  She gave me the following information which is probably fake.  Thanks Verizon I wonder why your business is dying.

Agent Name : Jo

Supervisor Name: Ice

Location: Manilla Philippines

Re: Website Lying to Customers then changing there plan
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Hi michaelkm8,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.