What am I paying for?
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I am having trouble discerning what exactly I am paying for.
That is to say that I pay for the best DSL service you offer in my area and when I go on to the Verizon homepage I am hit with advertising telling me to stream video, yet the home page has to buffer the video it has on it every 3 seconds.  Also the internet "bottlenecks" and forces my system to shut down.  
I go online to check what calls I received and that service is no longer available to DSL subscribers, yet the cost of my home phone and internet services increase every year (again while services are cut).  
I'd love to upgrade to FiOS, but its not available in my area, nor (I am told) is ever going to be available in my area.  And yet 99% of the residental internet support (and home page) is all about FiOS.
I get some stupid animated "support" system online and am usually directed to the "Support Forum" where
customers of Verizon are left to chat amongst themselves to fix the issues they are having with their service(s).
Not even support by email is covered in the "Contact Us" area.
Why am I paying this ridiculous amount of money for service that is medicore at best?
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