What has happened to Verizon Sales
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My contract expires on 08/10. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years now. I have FIOS both TV and internet now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Problem I have run into now is they want to renew my contract, jack the price up another ten bucks and nothing changed other than I lost some channels. I hate to use this word but Cox will give me 140 channels plus 4 premium channels for ten bucks more, 130.00 and  I supply the modem. My best friend along with brother in law also went back to Cox because of Verizon higher pricing renewal. Bottom line is Verizon acted like they could really care less one way or another. My friend said he also had the same problem and hated changing to Cox but after he did that Verizon then said they would have matched that and he should have talked to someone in the cancellation dept and they would have corrected that. He saidhe has Cox now and Verizon call and wanted to know what they could do to get him back. He said nothing  see you in two years maybe. One of the question I have now is they said as long as you are within the 30 days of the expiration date they won't charge for canceling early. Is this true?

Re: What has happened to Verizon Sales

NO, you are told wrong information.

the 30 days total satisfaction guarantee is on new customers and not on renewal services.

so don’t renew with them simply let your service go month to month, so you can leave for better pricing.