When will FIOS be available in the Pensacola, FL area

I love everything about Verizon FIOS in Fredericksburg, VA.  We are military and are moving to the panhandle of FL.  I have

several family members in the panhandle area.  I am surprised that Verizon has not made it's way down south where there is

a large population of military and retired military.  It seems that DirecTV and Cox/Comcast has the monopoly in that area.  The

sad thing about that is, that they know they have the monopoly and their quality and customer service is terrible.  The times I have

visited, the internet or the tv cable is out.  My family doesn't get the priviledge of seeing high definition on their HD tv's?

It should be a crime for those companies to treat their customers so badly!

Please, Please, Please make Escambia County and Santa Rosa County your next installations!  I am told that where we will be

going (32565) only has dial up internet service because AT&T can only install 100 dsl accounts.  And because the 100 accounts

are already used, we will have to use dial up!

I know you can install Verizon in low populated areas, because I know you installed it in Catlett, VA (farm country).  I know it can be

done.  Please consider the Pensacola, Pace/Pearidge, Milton, Chumuckla, and Jay areas.  I know the residents would love Verizon

to come in their area.

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Over heard/read in http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Share-Your-Ideas-with-Verizon/FiOS-in-Hershey/idi-p/351137

The odds are slim if it isn't already available. Verizon has pertty much stopped expanding FiOS in order to fill out their existing areas. Expansion is expensive, and more and more people are slashing "unnecessary" expenses like internet and tv...