When you admit my phone/DSL service being out is your fault
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don't tell me I might have to wait until Tuesday for a repair, and the reason I might have to wait until Tuesday at 7pm to have it fixed, (called in on Sunday), was because I was told there were not yet enough people reported as being out yet.  I gave you 2 numbers that were out in the area, you admitted they were out and it was your fault, not mine, but yet that was not enough to get a commitment to have it fixed.  I use my internet for work also and my elderly parents had no other phone service available.  Why aren't Verizon's customers important to Verizon?  And why is your automated call in line to report a service outage a horrendous nightmare to get through and I usually have to end up pounding the 0 to finally get a human out of sheer exasperation.  Took me nearly 20 minutes to finally report the outage.  You have the absolute worst customer service outage reporting of any utility I know and have had for quite some time.   I am so tired of having to "prove" my phone is really out.  I never call in unless I have plugged my phone into the outside box and verified it is truly out.  When you hear that, that should be enough to get someone working on a repair right then.   The phone got fixed tonight but after much struggling to figure out how I was going to make sure my parents had some kind of phone service for the next couple of days, since their cell phone is not working right now either.  We live in the country and Verizon acts like phone service isn't important anymore.

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