Where can I file a complaint?

I normally don't have any issues with Verizon, and stayed with the company for a bit now. After receiving specials from other companies in the mail, I decided to contact Verizon to see if the "Triple Play" offer was available to existing customers.

So, I called Verizon Wireless support, and asked the representative DESIREE, who refused to offer any other identifiers, if existing customers were able to take advantage of the deal. Desiree proceeded by inturrupting me mid-sentence very rudely and told me that her system is down and that doesn't seem like a general question. 

When I told her that if she didn't inturrupt me, she would realize I was asking in general so that I wouldn't waste my time calling back to upgrade my services if existing customers were uneligible to enroll in the deal. I then asked for her name and employee number so that I can make a complaint for the way that I was being spoken to. Desiree then proceeded by telling me that she has been with the company for 10 years and to have "good luck with that because she still has her job". I was flabbergasted at the way she spoke to me, and even more she told me that her giving me an id number or last name initial "wasn't going to happen" because there have been instances where people have gone down to the office and have "threatened her".

I told her that I am shocked at the way she is speaking to me. Additionally, that I am not threatening her in anyway for her job and there is not reason for her to insinuate that I am going to waste my time going down to the office to threaten her or anyone else when I didn't even want to waste my time with a phone call if I am ineligible for the offer. I then proceeded and advised her that considering that she has had her job for 10+ years, you would think that her customer service skill were up to par, which wasn't the case.

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So, I called Verizon Wireless support...

Hi frgworldwide,

Fios is a Residential service, which is separate from the Wireless division.  Did you call Verizon Residential at 1-800-VERIZON?

Re: Where can I file a complaint?

1-800-922-0204 is Verizon Wireless (or did they merge that into the 1-800-VERIZON?)

http://community.verizonwireless.com is the proper forum for wireless.