Where can I find the "Rate Card" on the website??

I was wondering if anyone knows where to find the elusive Rate Card on the Fios website? The Rate Card if you don't know is the list of full retail prices for services & equipment without any promotions or discounts. 

As of right now I am coming to the end of my contract. I have a triple play bundle with extreme tv and 100/100 internet. My other option for service is Charter/Spectrum. Once my contract with Fios is up, I will be losing HBO & Showtime and would have to upgrade to ultimate just to get Showtime, Starz/encore & TMC. I can get the silver/midlevel package from Charter and keep HBO & Showtime and get some other channels not offered on Fios extreme on a promotion for 2 years for way cheaper. They will also offer me a faster internet speed and their equipment is cheaper. Charter also posts their rate card so I know what the full retail price of their services & equipment would be once the promotional period is up which gives me an idea of what price to negotiate for when I renew the contract. Only thing I could find for Fios was this: https://www.verizon.com/cs/groups/public/documents/adacct/rate-card-feb-2018.pdf

This only gives the rates for TV packages but not for internet or landline phone.

Right now from what I can only assume is that even at full retail price with equipment fees & taxes charter is still a better price.

At this point unless Fios offers me a hell of a deal I've pretty much made up my mind to walk away but I would like to compare what the full retail rates on Fios services are.

Re: Where can I find the "Rate Card" on the website??

There is two ways of getting this information. The first is http://www.verizon.com/fios which will list their price. (May not be a full rate comparison since it depends on location and if there is competition in that market).

the second way is under your account which shows what is available and the price you may get. This also may not be what your looking for.

do not call or chat since the people on the phone are there to upsell you. As well as on chat.

after teaser rates the prices do increase, this happens even on other services.