Why Does Verizon Continue to Charge Higher Prices to Existing Loyal Customers?

This topic was posted in 2011.  I was new customer at the time and loved the new customer prices and got ok renewal deal.  For my final last 2 years Verizon stuck me in 25Mbps and switched my landline to VoIP.  I had specifically asked for standard landline service.  I finally came to the end of two year contract and I am glad there is so much option on streaming content and VoIP phone services and cell phone services.  Verizon is internet service provider so I probably get that from them.  I singed up for Ooma telos for VoIP service so far so good.  I will get streaming TV and use antenna for local channels.  In my area there a lot of Over the Air channels and using cheap $10 antenna works great on my Samsung TV.

During my last two years of FiOS service, I lost channels I watched regularly and price went up.  I have no idea which contract I signed but my total price went up from $118 to $140/month.  They continued to remove channels like bloomberg, CNBC HD, and maybe others.  Of course they have their business reasons to remove channels but I as a customer have expectations and they should give me discount if they decide to remove my channels.

They can do this because they believe they are monoply and can screw customers.  It's not good overall business strategy of offering new customers better deal than to your existing customers.  When customers are **bleep** off they will cut back and/or find other ways.

Verizon is going to spend more money to accquire new customers if they upset their current customers. 

I looked into Xfinity and they offer comparable pricing and bandwidth for new customers.  Some customers are concerned regarding upload speeds and that's kept me from moving to xfinity.  I tested the upload speed using Xfinity's public WiFi and it's pretty good at 25Mbps.  For now, I plan to keep FiOS for internet service at $40/month and drop everything else.

When I got close to my renewal period I tried to renew however they continued to give me confusing information on pricing and package details.  Currently on my Verizon online account it shows a horrible deal/offer. It shows that I can renew to get 50Mbps internet and TV bunddle for $118+taxes = $140/month.  While they offer significantly better deal of one Gig bps internet, TV, and Phone to new customer for $100 + tax = $124.  This is totally crazy and unacceptable.

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Don’t renew. The way your going is good.

streaming tv service is great. You don’t need cable or Fios for that. Save a ton of money.

you chose the wrong VoIP service with Ooma they charge a monthly fee in taxes and surcharges. They will keep charging your payment method even after you try and drop them. Try going to voipo service, they charge $180 for two years and they give the adapter to use their services. Much better choice than Ooma.

you could save yourself a headache on the internet service since right now cable is offering $39 for 100/30 internet. It should take care of your needs.

the reason Fios offers cheaper rates to new customers is to get them to switch over to their customer base. Cable does the same thing.

they believe a customer will not go over to a competitor because of the switching hassle. Another point is cable does not charge a rental fee for their modems. Where Fios charges $12 a month for router rental if you don’t use your own.