Why Is there no way to give general feedback?

This forum is the closest thing to just general feedback. Most other companies welcome feedback from customers as it helps improve them, verizon seems to actively try to avoid any feedback or criticism that they desperately need.

They need a phone number where you can get a human to help. I spent too long today trying to get ahold of anyone becase the problem i was having was way out of scope for the many robots they use on phones (the website's rewards registration was broken and it took someone manually pushing through my registration over the phone to resolve it). The only number I could call to at any point actually get to a person is the cancel service number, so that is now my primary customer service number. Shoulnt need to be, but you did that to yourself verizon.

Beyond my issue today there are countless circular references and broken bad links littered throughout their site which they would have been made aware of if they just listen to their customers. Other people have said it on this forum, make a customer service email address.

Look i love the lightning fast service and good reliability, but their website and customer service is a joke and that is unacceptable when there are litterally 2 choices in town for high speed internet.

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Community Leader

Wait can be long at times when you call support.

You can also try contacting support via twitter @verizonsupport