Why, Why, Why ????

When someone has rented a movie for quite a few times, wouldn’t it be an added courtesy for Verizon to inform the customer at what point they have essentially have BOUGHT THE FILM? Or, do you  just let the customer continue to rent away. It may be a child renting the movie and the bill payer is not aware of it, so shouldn’t you place a “fail safe” in your system where when you get to the purchase price of the movie…you consider the film PURCHASED BY THAT CUSTOMER!!!!  The least you could do, is consider the movie PURCHASED by the customer instead of forcing him to rent, rent, rent, rent.

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That's why there are parental pins. Someone like you would benefit from setting up a parental pin number.


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I have one...doesn't matter, nothing matters, when I call 1 800 verizon, nobody knows me, my acct# isn't recognized, my phone # isn't recognized, so I'm afraid my pin # only works when I want to pay my bill.....which the last bill we got and I say 'we', my husband got one (different phone # & address) and I got one.....now what?  Have $0. balance.  Are we going to get a $500. next time or what?

The repairman called me today to see if everything was working properly...uhhhh, nope, the ring is broken up but that's ok as long as it's not a sign of worse things to come.

He recommended (about the dual phone & address) to call them up and tell them "I WANT THE ONE NUMBER AND THE ONE ADDRESS ON MY ACCOUNT"...hahahah, right!

He also recommended I stick with the email 'fix-it' route because he has NO idea what's going on with the 1 800 Verizon #.  He moved to my area 8 years ago from the city, (I'm a city person too) and we both agreed we've never seen anything like this before.

Any more suggestions out there?