Why can’t I get LTE or 5G home internet?

I live 600’ from the road and only have DSL service available to me. I pay $60 a month for 2.75 meg downloads and .53 meg uploads yet they call this high speed. My only other choice is satellite as I only get the run around from the cable company about running cable back to my house underground. While all of the cell carriers have fixed home wireless no one offers it in my area. I’d be willing to pay more for something that works but Verizon has me bent over a barrel here. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Why can’t I get LTE or 5G home internet?
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This forum is for Fios TV and Internet services.

If you want to ask about Cell based services, you need to go to Verizon Wireless forums.

But a quick google finds this:


Re: Why can’t I get LTE or 5G home internet?

The poster is referring to the new Verizon 5G home internet, not their cell service.

they need to contact Verizon to see if it’s available to them yet.

I have not heard of anyone using it yet outside of a few at dslreports forum.