Why can't I reach an operator?

I had a question on my June bill and called the number that is on the bill. I sat here for ten minutes listening to a recording ask me if I wanted T-Mobile, Direct tt, to upgrade my services, a sweepstakes and winning a trip to Disneyworld. I then hung up and came on here to ask the question...how do I talk to a human being and get an answer to a simple question withoiut all of the other bull that goes with it?

Re: Why can't I reach an operator?
Community Leader
Community Leader

Unless you are being facetious, are you sure you called the right number?

Not sure of the number on your bill, but 1800Verizon is the default number for support.

I know people have said there can be a wait.

But calls during normal business hours should be failry quick to get customer service for billing.