Why does Verizon customer support fail so badly?

My current disappointment began with the simple task of turning in a couple of unused set top boxes and exchanging an SD box for an HD box a couple weeks ago. I coordinated the turn-in with customer support via the phone.  During the call, I was also informed that my home phone would be upgraded to digital at no cost and there would be no impact to my service. So far no problem. Today I receive emails informing me that due to the digital upgrade, all calls will now require 10-digit dialing. Also that I should contact my home security company to update their system.  My digital voicemail also needs to be set-up. So much for no impact!  Then a second email arrived informing me that my account number had changed and I need to notify my bank so that that automatic payments can continue.  Why? It seems every time I deal with Verizon, it's just one big fail after another. 

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