Why does Verizon punish customers for asking to speak to a supervisor?
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When I re-upped my contract they claimed the bill would be about $130 with taxes and fees included.  I got my first bill and it was over $150.  I called to complain about it and was told that "they don't control the taxes and fees" and that I was out of luck since I'd already agreed to the contract.  It didn't matter to them that they'd lured me into the contract by quoting a lower price, then jacked it up later.  I asked if I could drop home phone service to lower the bill and they refused, saying I was locked into the contract.


I called to get my bill reduced.  The first person I talked to offered me some palrty discount, so I asked to speak to a supervisor.  The CSR informed me that if I chose to speak to a supervisor that the first offer would be off the table and I would never be able to take them up on it again.  Of course I balked at this and asked for the supervisor anyway.  The supervisor didn't care about the bait and switch either (big surprise).  I asked if they could at least give me the discount that the first CSR offered me, but NOPE!  I'd chosen to speak to a supervisor so that deal was off the table for good.

I don't understand how ANY company with any kind of conscience can have this kind of policy in writing.  Why on Earth would you PUNISH your customers for trying to get a fair shake?

Re: Why does Verizon punish customers for asking to speak to a supervisor?
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SOP with Verizon!