Why does verizon have such poor training for service departments
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Well...it has been a long 10 days dealing with VERIZON WIRELESS AND FIOS.

A total of 11 hours of being online or cell or phone.

Someone should pay me!!!!!

Never :CHAT: it is a nighmare of preselected agent responses. I am sorry if I wasn't

clear when I requested to upgrade my service. Silly me when I ASSumed you had started to process ,or at least give me pricing, when you said you were "taking care of it"

Then I am being asked with what I need help.

That 99$ waiver of installation fee for new customers is waived if you have someone elses old setup or one you may have had from your old contract?????HUH

Wireless could not switch numbers between my 2 smart phones. " I misplaced one, could please switch numbers?" yes, I can switch sim cards...(.BUT THE PHONE IS MISSING>>>NOT STOLEN.)

Took 2 hours. I hung up and spoke to someone else who told me he would have to send IT UP A TIER. Same thing when reversing. I promise you, I DID NOT STEAL EITHER PHONE>>>sending saliva via sensor.

Well, I just found out my home number was not ported. So, a knowledgable tech has everything fios ready to go.

I should have stayed Comcast, how stupid of me to take advantage of something new after 17 yrs.

verizonwireless is $$$$$, but worth the coverage area  in USA and out.

Thanks for listening. Good LUCK out there


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