Why is so hard to get a good deal when it's time to upgrade!

I dont understand this at all, All I Want is to get the same service plans as my neighbors and family. I have been a Verizon Fios customer since the service was introduced years ago. And, I was never happier, until it came time to upgrade.  And it happens every time.  

Tonight for instace I again tried to get a better deal.  So I checked what was being offered to me on the website. For basically the same service, It's more expensive!  So I found a great deal online, I called in this time. Apparently the deal is only available to NEW customers. So I attempt to explain what I use, Limited cable, the normal main channels. I mainly use my Apple TV and stream.  So I was offered a cheaper plan,with adeal for HBO. (Sweet)

An hour later - the wife screaming she is missing a few " Normal " Channels - MTV, Animal Planet, Cooking... Basically ALL the channels worth watching to her. So, I called back and canceled the order. This sucks!

As it turns out, it's cheaper for me to keep my existing service. The only offer you gave me was for faster internet, and it cost more! It is completely disheartening to know that I recommended your services to friends and clients. 

Why is it so hard to sign on to a better deal when it's time to re-commit to your service. You make such good offers, but they are only available to new customers. Loyalty really does mean nothing today. Not just because I pay my bill, but because I believed in it enough to tell others about this service and how happy i WAS on a daily basis.
I hate Comcast with every bone in my body. But if I can't get a deal where I can be happy with not selling my soul, Ill go to them. 
  • Just state what it is - Why are you hiding the fact that Basic Cable  is Basic Cable.  Labeling everything with HD is misleading and almost a direct point to mislead a customer. It's like saying water  is just as good as beer, they start from the same state.
  • Not everyone is looking at the web page when talking on the phone.
  • MTV and Animal planet are "Premium Channels"  - What?
  • I have had the same hardware since I started, Everything I own is wireless so up and download speed are totally dependent on what is connected. But since I use my own hardware my personal network is faster. The up/Down connection won't make a difference. So upping my speed is not a benefit unless you are planning to install fiber for me in my walls, i have the hardware.
  • Hire someone that knows Mac's - I get tired of answering questions for you all day.
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I recently called and was offered an upgrade with fios perferred hd, 75/75 internet, and 2 yrs free for all movie channels for $118 a month. I called to complain that I cant pay my bill online and their first response was to see how they can upgrade my services. Keep calling and hope you get a good rep.