WiFi Dallas County, Missouri

A friend says they have Verizon WiFi in Dallas County, Missouri.

I assume they have 2.4 wifi.

They say that the connection is slow.

I am very far away, so cannot tell what the geography is like there. (I am an installer/troubleshooter of WiFi systems since 1995.)

I have several questions:

What plans do you have availble for residentials?

Do you have birectional options, eg, 512KB up and down?

Do you supply/sell external radios/antennaes, amplifiers? (Motorola, Colubris, Smartbridges)

They are on a rural smallholding, so I assume a table top transceiver is not the answer for them. I would think an external omni or directional antennea with maybe a 25 amp is the way to go.

If you need further info, let me know, please.

Have a wonderful day,


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Re: WiFi Dallas County, Missouri
Customer Service Rep

Hi Andre,

As for the plans available for your friends home, you would want to go to verizon.com and put in their address to check. As for symmetrical speeds, the website would also be the best bet to answer that also. When it comes to external radios, etc, we typically would only provide a dsl modem or combo unit that would broadcast in the 2.4 range unless they had something like the HomeFusion product which works over the Verizon Wireless network instead. If it was the HomeFusion product, they yes they would have an outside directional antenna installed by the tech who installed the services.

More than likely, they are probably having some sort of interference going on from a cordless phone (many of them work in the same frequency range of 2.4) or some other device. It could even be how far they are from the modem/gateway/wireless router as well. These are things you may have to check with them on in order to give them a proper resolution.

If you do have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.