Wires down - 14 full days restoration!?

Power outage, JCP&L fixed in four days...a remarkable achievement given the 24 inches of snow on the ground and trees down everywhere.  My verizon wire came down as well....spent 2 hours trying to reach a live person, all the while being sold on other services (including paying up for a better customer service experience, unethically enough).  Finally a live person (can't fill out a trouble ticket online, insanely enough) came on to tell me that it won't be fixed until March 27 (14 full days later).  Does Verizon realize that education is now done online...and I have three little kids in school...do they realize how important all of these services are...do they actually care about people?  I never, ever had an experience like this....bravo to the power company...who did a masterful job communicating and responding to the customer.  Verizon, a communications and customer service company, is woeful at both communication and customer service.  

Re: Wires down - 14 full days restoration!?

Ha ha you know they are. However you are in luck. If you are in New Jersey this website will make your issue better. http://www.vzdownwire.com