Worst Company in the World as soon as I can convince my daughter
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we are switching back to Comcast. This is the lousiest customer service company in the world. I am writing to my town selectman also to get them out or bring in other competion and the fast Internet claim is a joke. 

At least Comcast has an office right in town if I have a problem just walk in the door I don't have to deal with the most confusing web site in the world and the least helpful people ever. The site is set up to get people to just give up and live with the mess by making almost impossible to find what you need or to get to the right person.

I tell everyone who excitedly tells me that they just got FIOS in their neighborhood and they are signing up to run in the other direction as fast as they can.

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Have you tried the Local Verizon Stores.   

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You sound extra bitter. Have you trieickingup the phone and calling? Ice had nothing but pleasant experiences on the phone. They've always been helpful and if a teach was needed, could usually get one next day (except after hurricane sandy). 

If you think you'll have better luck with Comcast, think again. First, they're equal, if not more expensive And for that kind of money you get slower Internet and lower picture quality (Comcast only broadcasts in 720).  Then if you ever have issues with anything, good luck. Techs are all contracted out and base paid based on installing new services....not fixing issues. So when when you need a tech, you might have issues getting one to show because they aren't interested in fixing issues...only new installs. Then you might even run into crappy techs that won't do installs well. I had one that gave me 2 ft. Of coax to run from the wall to the tv. Where the tv was placed was too far and instead of giving me enough I had to move it. the install guy told me I had to buy more and that Comcast only allows two ft for installs....total **bleep**. But basically I found out that the techs have to buy everything from Comcast and because of this are very stingy. 

Now with verizon, they aren't contract workers. They're actual employees and they don't have to purchastherein own equipment. So they'll use as much as needed and stay at a place fixing an issues as long as it takes. 

So if you decide to leave verizon, good luck. I'm willing to bet that you'll be back as soon as you need a service tech to fix something 

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I agree with BAD customer service.  I've had nothing but problems with Verizon OVER billing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In the interest of fairness....

I had 14 years of Comcast's billing and technical incompetance.   At one point I spent a whole summer

suffering cable and internet outages  when the temp went over 90 degrees and one of their amplifiers

would drop out.  The technical incompetance by their "contract" repair people was mind boggling.

Then there was the 3 MONTHS where a temporary cable lay in the street getting destroyed by trucks and

needing to be replaced every couple weeks.  Visiting the local Comcast service center was only useful

for dropping off old equipment and looked like a disorganized dump.  No technical help period.

Billing and paperwork only.

Fighting over the yearly price increases was always enjoyable.

After about 4 years in our neighborhood

I would say 9 out of 10 have switched to FIOS and I hear little grumbling.

In my particular case (and your mileage may vary) I have been on FIOS for over 2 1/2 years and I have

NEVER once lost TV or internet.  I live close to power substation and have very reliable power so my

home almost never has power loss.  Even during recent hurricane/super-storm I had service 24/7.

Now I admit, I never lost power and I never had a tree fall on the lines.  I have visited my local Verizon

FIOS office to get an HD box, at least they were polite, clean, well dressed, and generally helpful and

the place didn't look like a dump....

My experience with Verizon and FIOS, while not perfect has far exceeded that with Comcast.  Recently

my daughter moved to Baltimore City where only choice is Comcast.  I spent hours on phone helping

set up cable modem and set top TV box.  Discovered the Comcast professional had wired the box wrong....

Reminded me how lucky I am to have FIOS.

That said, mine is just one experience, but I am happy I switched to FIOS.

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You're so fortunate. The vast majority of Comcast customers have no alternatives.