Worst Customer Service ( 2 hours wasted)

I use recommend verizon  to my friends and family telling them how good it is, but I am sorry to say that I wont do that anymore. It is one of the worst customer service I have ever seen. Verizon failed to adjust $40 adjustment on my bill and instead of re adjusting the customer service representive 1 offer me $5 credit on my bill, when I refused and told I want to talk to supervisor she said she will adjust $40, and I still wanted to speak to the supervisor as for next month I was charged $45 extra. The representive then told me supervisor will call me back in 30 mins. After waiting for neary 45 min and having no clue when supervisor will call me back, I called verizon again and I had to go through different representative and made 3-4 attemp to finally reach the supervisor. All the time these representatives kept on repeating same thing and when I requested to put supervisor on line they put me on hold and no response for 5-10 mins. I finally reached the supervisor and he denied to help. 

All I want is to ask Verizon was 2 hours of my life were worth to reach a supervisor and ask question about my $45 credit, if thats the case feel free to keep $45 but atleast offer better customer service and intellactual & responsible representatives.

Re: Worst Customer Service ( 2 hours wasted)
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.