Worst Service I Have Ever Recieved

Over the course of one month the service I have recieved from Verizon has been the poorest I have ever gotten.  In an effort of venting my frustration I would like to list the problems I dealt with while trying to sign up for internet at $25/month.

!)  I called and signed up for internet over the phone at $25 a month, the first bill I recieved had me signed up for home phone service (I don't know a landline phone) and was charging me around $90 in total

2) It took me 45 minutes over the phone to correct the above mistake, I was assured all charges were corrected and my first bill was due on Nov. 14.

3) I recieved a bill on Nov. 4 telling me I was in collections and the full amount was due upon receipt.

4) My internet was reset without anyone advising me and I spent another 40 minutes on the phone with IT.

5) When trying to call to question the collections bill I was transfered to a closed department, when I called back I was put on hold for 10 minutes after speaking to an agent and was not notified of the progress, when I called back a third time I was hung up on by the same agent.

6) Upon calling a fourth time I was told that a supervisor would get back to me within 24 hours, no one ever did.

7) When finally calling and reaching a supervisor a woman told me the collection bill was not really a collection bill and that everything was fixed and I owed $39, I again advised her that my bill should only be $25 she then did correct my bill but without my calling I would have recieved yet another incorrect bill.  When I told the supervisor I was very unhappy with having to have spent so much time dealing with rude people and having so many issues with my service she began speaking over me and repeating that she had corrected the problem and that was all she was able to do.

i have never been treated so rudely and had an account so mismanaged by any company before.  I had been a previous customer of Time Warner and had switched to save $5 a month.  I never had a problem with Time Warners service and plan on switching back as soon as possible.

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