Would like to file a complaint

Hello, I would like to know how I may formally make a complaint? After paying someone $80 a mere 2 weeks ago to come out and install my new equipment (after Verizon was kind enough to mess up my move order twice and shut off my service despite me never missing a payment) I received an email informing me that "oops , we installed the wrong router, we'll be sending you a new one". When I received the new router it mentioned an "enclosed quick set up guide" , there was no such guide enclosed. I attempted to set up the router myself however there was an issue. When I called in for assistance I waited on hold for 58 MINUTES with no answer before I gave up and hung up (I didn't have an hour in me). I ended up calling back today and the tech was able to fix yet another Verizon issue however, I have had quite a few issues with Verizon recently and this was the final straw, I would really like to complain to the appropriate party. Thank you in advance for your assistance.