Yahoo Issue: Unable to View Yahoo Account Information
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This may be the wrong spot but Yahoo certainly is unreachable and their help is non-existent.  I log in to Yahoo with my Verizon address as usual, however, the account info has changed.  For example, when I posted responses to news articles on Yahoo, reactions, I was under a different version of my name; middlename vice first, for security purposes.  Now, the account has switched to my first name, including all previous posts, about 2400 in all, but, I can't access the account info to try and figure out why it changed.  I keep getting a yahoo redirect error on all browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome), on all of my systems with which I access including my my phone, my work and home computers.  I've cleared the cookies, the browsing history, all caches and have rebooted. All systems, and my phone, are clean of any viruses or other possible malware.  I am wondering if something changed when Verizon obtained Yahoo...everyhting was working fine up until about two weeks ago when I noticed that clicking on "read more" in the Yahoo news articles kept brining up paged that are months old, specifically, the page about baby Charlie in England...I keep getting the last article about the parents giving up their legal arguments, which was posted at least two months ago, whenever I select "read more" on any article.

The error (which appears in all browsers, my phone and two compeletely separate computer systems):

This page isn’t working.  redirected you too many times.  Try clearing your cookies.


Any ideas or maybe a Yahoo contact point that isn't simply web help, that is no help at all?