Your customer service has it's moments but just isn't very helpful

I spoke with 4 different reps today all with diferent take son the same problem. 2 seemed solely interested in up-selling services to me. 1 didn't communicate back with me. And the other, was very supportive sounding and understanding, but she was dissconnected by the host. 

I understand that there may have been issues with networks or whatever, but what is the system in place to deal with these problems? No call-back? No attempt to reestablish communications? No email? No ticket number system? No notes? 

A month ago I needed to move my services to my new house, I went online and filled out the information needed. Your system asked if I wanted to upgrade my services for 10 dollars more a month. I looked into it. For a real price of a bout 15 dollars more a month (including taxes) I would get faster internet? Why not? I signed up. 

Then I got my first bill, with a $151 charge for early termination of my old plan! I was beyond upset. I talked with your customer service and got someone who kept me on hold for way too long to come up with nothing. No help. It was MY mistake. I should have known the terms of my original contract. And eventually, I decided it was my mistake and I paid the 151 dollars seperately. 


Now that I paid off the 151 dollars I lost a 10 dollar per month discount too. And when talking to your reps I got every excuse under the sun, including one rep trying to tell me I never should have had that discount to begin with. IT WAS MY FAULT AGAIN! 

I can't stand it. Blaming the customer and not taking responcibility for your company's actions is like the first lesson in what NOT to do when you go through customer service training. 

ONLY ONE of your reps even tried to take on the burdon of the mistakes involved in the last month and she was disconnected mid sentence. 

I'd like to share the screen shots of my conversations...

Re: Your customer service has it's moments but just isn't very helpful
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Hi wstlyguy,

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