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I recently returned to my apartment in August and reactivated my verizon internet and tv service.  The internet was not working correctly and I was sent a new router after troubleshooting with the verizon rep. Since my roommates and I were doing online classes we needed the internet to work without any issues.

The new router fixed the problem for a very short time (about a month) and I needed service for the internet. The technician came on September 25th and "fixed the internet" and one week later I needed to schedule another service appointment for the internet going down again. The technician did not show on the day of the original appointment and when I called I was told he got "tied up" and would be there first thing in the morning. I inquired as to why I was not notified and the woman apologized for my inconvenience. The next day when the technician arrived he mentioned that a "squirrel may have chewed the wire outside" and he was not sure why the technician that was there last week did not fix the problem correctly.

After he left I received an email with $100 charge for "Equipment Trouble Identification";  Of course, the technician never mentioned this charge and when I finally spoke to costumer service and then a manager I was told the charge was because we had something plugged in incorrectly.  This is absolutely not true and the technician spent 99% of the time fixing something outside. The supervisor told me that the charge was justified and he could not remove it. How could something be plugged in incorrectly when it was working fine for a week?? The charge is fraudulent and I am being billed incorrectly.  I spent several hours trying to get this resolved and no resolution. I am seriously thinking of going back to comcast which I have had in the past without any of these issues. Would love to have this resolved.

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Hi Tuck33,

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