I find the Verizon Fios commercials portraying visits to grandma as "not very exctiting" offensive and demeaning.

I am a grandma to very active two and a half year old twins. I care for them daily and never relaized how boring VF considers me to be.

Our days consist of going to the library, gym, playground, plays, visits with friends, enjoyng outdoor fun, doing indoor crafts, learning letters and numbers, etc.

I suppose  VF must consider me grateful that my grandchildren are probably too young to realize how bored they are?

Frankly, I hope I never have to rely on VF services to make my interactions with children more meaningful/exciting.

As a child  had the privilege of having my grandma care for me and my sibilings daily - long before the days of VF. I still consider her one of the most dynamic women I have ever known.

If the basis of your marketing is portraying grandparents in a less than flattering light perhaps you should take into account that numerous studies have shown the world has never seen a more powerful market than consumers age 50 and older. By 2017 Nielsen reports nearly half of the population will be 50 or older and will control 70% of the disposable income.

If the grandparents I interact with are any indication I would think carefully about the messages your company seds via marketing campaigns.

Re: Grandma commercial

This commercial is demeaning and should have been removed right after it aired the first time. 

So why has Verizon updated it?  Now the kids plead with Dad to stay at Grandma's longer---only because Grandma has FIOS.  And they ask Dad while Grandma is looking on in the distant background.  Sickening!