contract and moving

I am new to Fios and nowhere in my contract makes mention of the fact that if I move in a year, where there is no Fios offered, does Fios waive the contract fee. I was told this is the case from several reps but no one will offer this to me in writing. help?

Re: contract and moving
Community Leader
Community Leader

If you are under contract, you have to pay ETF if you cancel for just about any reason.

I believe military deployments are one reason you can cancel with ETF.

If you have your TOS (terms of service) it should say in there about ETF.

If it doesn't say you don't have to pay if you move, then you will have to pay.

If you are still within 30 days of signing up and think you will move, you can cancel service now with no penalty (call to confirm).

Or just change to no contract (if allowed).

You will pay more, but no ETF.

BTW, ETF does go down every month you stay a customer.