customer service does not follow through and gives wrong information

First of all, i would like to say that i USED to be a very happy Verizon customer. 

Things started changing when i had to move. 

I first tried to use the online move/transfer my service function. But the system did not recognise my new address. 

then i proceeded to make 3 seperate calls to the customer service which in the end, still gave me the information that they did not service my new address. 

I had no choice but to rely on that information given on the last call to terminate my services with verizon. 

So, after giving my notice to terminate the services, i had no choice but to engage comcast. the day after comcast came to install services for me, i noticed that my next door neighbour had managed to get verizon installed in their home!

And my neighbour is staying in the next unit of our duplex. 

I really like Verizon's products but your customer service is much to be desired. After 3 calls, 2 of which had said service tickets were created to help me check if my new address could install verizon services, and would call me back within 3 working days, but never called back. And the last call ending with a 3 way conversation with a technical personnel, customer service and myself, stating that verizon was not available at my location. I am so disappointed that this is what you do to keep customers. especially when Verizon definately provides services on my street.