definition of insanity

Lets start by saying I've been a Fios customer for at least 9 years. I know our bill is typically over $350/mo. One would think we would be considered a high value customer. We decided to upgrade to the Quantum package when we moved to a new home 3 months ago. We tried to rent/purchase a movie 3 days ago. Had an error code vod 207. Called and cs said we have outage in the area and it would be up and running the next day. Next day same issue. Promised it would be fixed.

Behold the same issue.

Started the conversation at 6:30 PM tonight. After resetting more times than I can count, 4 different people and 3 1/2 hours later I was told that it was because we exceeded our credit limit. What credit limit? Then I was told it would be resolved by next week! Thanks Verizon for ruining my family night and wasting my time. I will be cancelling all services - phone, internet and tv and taking my $4500/yr elsewhere. CS didnt even offer a discount or make good for the cumulative 8 hrs of my time over the past 3 days on the phone trying to fix an issue they caused. Very disappointed.