door to door sales
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Two men came to our door last night after 7 PM.  No porch lights on and they tried to sell  have no idea if they were legit or not.  This is a posted no solicitation neighborhood.  We should have called the police on them.  IF they were your employees, what are they doing out after dark at a house with no porch light on.  They looked like burglars.  Anyone can put on a vest and a bogus id badge.  

Re: door to door sales

If they were Verizon Fios sales they wear red shirts with the Verizon Fios logo.

they also have large laminated ID cards either on their belts or around their necks.

many times they appear at block gatherings or host a get together session in the neighborhood. If you believe they are violating town, village or local ordinance then call the police.