fois sales and billing

I was just wondering if anyone else has been flat out lied to when wanting to upgrade their service. I received such a run around, that one time i was on hold for almost 2 hours, when I finally hung up. when I did finally, several days laterwas able to get someone, they promised the particular channels I would receive..I meen that I went channel by channel from a list and asked specific questions, was assured i would get particular channels I wanted, even though I had a list of what was available for each package. item by item they told me two particular things, one that I would get the channesl I specifically wanted and two that becasue of my troubles the battery I needed for my verizon box would be sent to me free of charge.  Lies, lies, lies. What a company?

Re: fois sales and billing

The problem with asking for something and actually reading what each tv package has included is what a informed customer would have done.

certain packages contain xx tv stations (on the list) then package xxx has more stations and finally package xxxx has all the stations from the first two packages and then all the rest. Price increases with each new package selection.

now in Fios tv I believe they have a pick your own (within certain markets) stations. However they are basic. If you pick stations without any sports you save big money.

always go online and look over the PACKAGE for each tier of TV