horrific "customer service"

I am trying to post to forums regarding the horrific "customer service" that I have endured for over 10 years with Verizon. The company is despicable and the "service" is the same. The staff and management lie, obfuscate, and condone incompetent and unprofessional comportment. I am beyond apoplectic with this company and have nothing but disdain for it. I have yet to speak to one credible staff member from Verizon. Yet, Verizon purports to respect and value its customers which to me is the epitome of hypocrisy. Verizon will surely fall by the wayside as has other companies that talk “lip service” about providing high quality customer service. This is business 101 which Verizon has yet to learn or master.





Re: horrific "customer service"

Although your story has a lot to be said for as far as a level of service and future existence. Please note they have never been in bankruptcy and they are the original phone company (bell system) and they have evolved into bigger and better technologies over the hundreds of years they have existed.

yes they make and or made mistakes but they are still around today. Their cellular and internet services are rated number one. This as you must know is done by consumers and independent testing. 

Should they improve their customer service, yes they should. But in today’s by the seat of your pants business practice they also have to cut back on hiring support due to stockholders and consumers that want the business to be viable.

its true they have huge tax breaks and have not really paid any corporate or business taxes, but they still have a huge workforce that pays taxes and contributes to the economy. Think about what would happen if they fell by the wayside. Mass unemployment and loss of service on a grand scale.

so be careful of what you wish for.