how much do actually pay per month?
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I'm interested in this package:

-1 gigabit connection

-custom channel lineup

-1 set top box, either dvr or basic

-already have verizon g1100 router and latest ONT

Verizon advertises it for $79.99/mo.  

What's your bottom line bill after all  hidden fees, taxes, and equipment rental?


Re: how much do actually pay per month?
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If you already have the router, do you have service? If so, you can not get this price as it is only for new customers.

Otherwise, it will really vary.

Depends on what custom package you choose.

There will be local broadcast fees.
And if the package you choose has sports, you will also pay regional sprots fees.
And there can be local taxes as well.

I believe that if you put in an order, it will estimate all of the costs as well.

Re: how much do actually pay per month?

If it's like my neighbor in NY it's about $90 with own router subtract $12.