incompetence redux
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Now when I try to get my internet connection and email problems repaired they, Verizon, put me on hold until I give up. The worst customer relations I have ever encountered and I am old. Run away from this provider.

Re: incompetence redux

May I add my Verizon experience, where the tech simply lied and claimed there was an outage in my area?

Called yesterday around noon when I found that I was not getting several HD channels.  Long wait for tech support, tech attempts reset, still not getting the channels.  Then tech says, do you live near Richmond.  Answer no.  Then, oh wait I see there's an outage in your city and service will resume this evening.    Turn off TV and check in again at 9 PM, still missing many channels.  Just for grins, I check the TV in my bedroom and no problems up there.  Call tech support and sat on line for 45 minutes and explained what had occurred.  Tech had me do some minor things on the back of the box and it was fixed.  What recourse do we have for bad techs who leave us without service for 8 hours?