multi room dvr free for life I think not.

Back in 2012 I left comcast (xfinity)  and signed up with verizon they offered me multi room dvr for life which included a hd dvr and a standard def box which came to a 19.99 credit. Around 2014 I called verizon and had the hd dvr upgraded for a small one time fee of 30.00 which was fine. So today I was checking out my bill and realized it went up 30.00 something to do with rebates expiring and it got me thinking about how old all of the verizon equipment was so I went online to see about updating the equipment and noticed for me to upgrade it would require two new boxes at at 24.00 a month and 20.00 a month for enhanced services and 50.00 one time fee for shipping and upgrade fee. So no more multi room free for life unless you plan on keeping the old equpment.