need answer on how to get high speed internet in my area.
So I live in a rural area where the only internet available is wisp or satellite. Now come to find out verizon owns the poles in our county so it is feasible to get good internet but based on a 2010 study done it is not economically viable for the company to invest in the infrastructure. It's 2015 now and the population has significantly increased and I know plenty of people who would kill for something better than dsl. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to see if they would consider changing that stance and who I would talk to if it came to that. I live in wilson county texas south east of San Antonio which coincidently is getting Google fiber and the giga plan for at&t.
Re: need answer on how to get high speed internet in my area.
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Verizon has announced they don't have plans to expand their footprint.
In fact, they have sold their Texas subscribers to Frontier.

That deal is to complete early next year.

Maybe try them.

Re: need answer on how to get high speed internet in my area.
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Hi, it sucks when a customer is more than willing to make business with a sweet service and the company doesn’t seem to care, good luck and I hope this information works for something:

Short answer: Please call  and request the service, a rep will ask for your full address (including interior number if any) and will let you know the availability, if none you can request for them to take note of this.


-Amount of people requesting it (i.e you call and provide a list of all the addresses of people wanting FiOS in your area) simply because of the cost vs profit of the infrastructure.
-Greenfield/Overlay: If there is a Verizon infrastructure already in the area such as plain old telephone service, DSL, or other is more likely for FiOS to take over this is called an “Overlay”. If there is none its called a "green field" and it makes it unlikely but not impossible to provide FiOS since it involves permits from various parties, more cost etc.

So if you wish to make FiOS happen and you are in an Overlay zone ideally you can get in contact with your HOA or get a list of addresses of people interested on the service the more the bigger the chances of a future install.

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