poor business

Our bill increased by $45 without warning when our 2-year contract expired.  I signed up for a new contract the next day, but Verizon refused to refund the overcharge, as I'll call it.  They thanked me for 4 years of customer loyalty, but where is their loyalty to the customer?  This felt like theft and is bad for business.  They could have easily sent a reminder that the old contract was about to expire, or they could have refunded the overcharge when I addressed the matter so quickly.  This is not about the money but the business relationship.  I will even be getting a $100 gift card with the new contract, but it comes with a bad taste.  I would rather enjoy a loyal business than a $55 credit.  Verizon, you should reconsider your behavior.  Future competition may easily draw my business because of this.

Re: poor business

Well like everything in business it’s us the customer who must keep track of start and end dates especially with contracts. Quite easy since it’s listed on the invoice.

i am not in a contract but I know each month my end date is the 18th. I know it starts on the 19th. Not really that hard to understand on my invoice.

i know that my last discount of $15 with no contracts falls off in October 2018 so I know my invoice increases by that amount. No surprises when you look at your invoice each month.