process to terminate my 2 year agreement

I had an online chat with an agent "Jery" as i wanted to know how much in advance I needed to notify Verizon that I would be finding a different ISP, TV and phone vendor when my contract expires on 12/1/14. He advised that I should notify Veirzon a "week ago", which I assume he meant a week in advance.I am hoping I can just go to a local Verizon store where I purchased the bundled service in Fairfax VA a day or two before the contract ends, to return all the equipment. Has anyone else had any issues returning equipment to the local store? Is there a process for termination?

My reason for termination is the very frequent  (every few minutes) internet connectivity interuptions, for the last several months, and the failure of Verizon to show up for a service appointment to troubleshoot this matter,  despite staying home the entire day wiating for the tech. I have tried using a different actiontec router, and I use an Apple Airport AC speed router for my wifi, only using the Actionetc in a bridge mode, since the verizon routers have been so problematic. No luck. My wife and I can't wait to try a different vendor.

I have been a FIOS customer for many years, and the service has severely degraded, which is unfortunate. I would have kept Verizon for a long time, but reliable, rock solid internet access is important to me, especially with the $$ I am paying.

Any input is appreciated!