serious issue with wifi 5G service and phone issues

My wifi 5g service used to go out once and a while. I would have to either reset my router or wait for it to come back in 30 minutes. Now it is happening almost every other day and taking much longer to recover. I called Verizon today and they know of the problem and couldn't give me an ETA.

My second issue is callerid. We moved from NY to Viriginia over 6 months ago. The callerid has our name locally but anyone I call in NJ or NY gets the old owner's id. Again I was told that other carriers have to update their database. I asked how long does that take and the service rep couldn't give me an answer. Can't you send a reminder to the other carriers?

My third issue is I have callerid set to display on the TV. It works for about two weeks and then suddenly I have to reset the DVR box to get it to work.

What kind of service is this for one that is suppose to be one of the best customer satisfaction providers. Someone is sleeping on the job.

Re: serious issue with wifi 5G service and phone issues
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1) 5g is currently a known issue. Verizon working on a fix

2) Can't say anything about how long it takes other providers to update caller I'd. I have heard it is becoming more of an issue as the number of available numbers drops and reuse increases.

3) Have you tried using the fix caller id option under menu support?