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My name is Jungsu {edited for privacy}

I have something to tell you. Since I have signed up for the double play service and fixed telephone service with Verizon on March 25, I have experienced serious disconnection twice from the whole services including Internet, CATV and telephone. The first brokedwon was easily recovered on the same day afternoon by calling for repair service in the morning. However, the second disconnection continued for three consecutive days. I have asked immediate fix several times by calling local service senter and +1-800, but there was some problems of communications with the service team. I had to get a leave from my work and I waited for the repair service man from early Friday but he got to my home 01:20 P.M. in the afternoon. My schedule was totally ruined like the service. I have not used the three services for three days, which is unbelievable. It is against the service level agreement by your company and it should be compensated by any means. I am asking you to keep the SLA, which is a very precious agreement with customers. Thanks. Good night.

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1. This is a peer-to-peer support forum. If you want to get a message to Verizon, you should contact them directly via one of the options on their Contact Us page.

2. I don't think Verizon does SLAs for residential customers. You might want to re-read the ToS you agreed to when signing up for the service. (That's not to say they won't give a credit if you ask for it.)